Minecraft Birthday Party in Cape Town

My son recently turned six and was eager to choose his new party theme, Minecraft. Now in South Africa, Minecraft (an internet computer game) isn’t really popular and it’s impossible to get party décor anywhere here in Cape Town, so it has really been a challenge to put it together nicely. I was up for the challenge and love that Matthew believes anything is possible. Although we didn’t have a party, we did invite family over; had cake, snacks and thankfully, the sun was out, so we had a fire too.

Minecraft Cupcakes

With just Décor and Cake, we just had to add the birthday boy to turn my home into a minecraft adventure.

Minecraft Birthday Boy


Minecraft Party TableMinecraft Boxes

Minecraft Happy BirthdayMinecraft Cake Steve

  1. Green Balloons
  2. Green Paper Plates decorated with Creeper
  3. Cups decorated with Creeper
  4. Printable Minecraft Boxes
  5. Minecraft posters
  6. Green Plastic Table Cloths
  7. Perler Bead creations of Minecraft characters
  8. Green Party Buckets decorated with the Creeper
  9. Green Bunting Flags with Minecraft Font printed “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”


Minecraft Best CakeMinecraft Chocolate Cake

  1. Layers of Chocolate cake
  2. Green Icing piped like grass
  3. Fondant figurines from Timol’s Cake Toppers
  4. Plastic Figurines from China Town
  5. Green Candles
  6. Rice Crispie Treats
  7. Blue Gummy Jelly



  1. Sam said:

    What an awesome party theme! If I had boys I’m sure they would have loved the same 🙂 Great post!

    • listicle said:

      The pink swords, pickaxes and creepers I made with the perler beads were popular with the girls. 🙂

  2. Sara Essop said:

    My son is a huge Minecraft fan too – although he’s never asked me for a Minecraft party yet!


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