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I’m a proud mommy of a little boy who started grade one yesterday. I have been struggling to put together healthy and interesting lunches for him, but I’m happily putting in Lunchbox Notes. Our lunchbox notes are short with easy words my son can already read, which I just write on…

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My Letter to my son on his first day Grade 1 2017 Dear Matthew, Here are my wishes for you, on this first day that you start school. May you always listen to your wise teachers; May you always see the opportunities education brings to you; May you always savour…

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I put together a list of basic groceries in my January trolley Grocery Prices which I buy often. Every month I will track the prices and post an update. My January Trolley Grocery Prices Blue Ribbon Bread                                           R 13.49 Twinsaver Toilet Paper 10s 1 Ply            …

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My 2017 Goodreads challenge is set and I have now challenged myself to read 50 books. I’m already pleased to say that I am one book into my challenge and once again, by posting my monthly reading list to my blog, I will ensure I’m committed to reading the books.…

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Aspire. I once again decided to choose a word for the year.             Aspire! I hope my word, Aspire, will push me along to achieve all I wish for during 2017.   Did you choose a word for 2017? Please share it below.

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Happy New Year! May the new year bring you love, joy, peace, health, wealth and happiness. The first day of a new year marks a new beginning to which you can add change. Many people make a large resolution which will change one part of their life and many people…

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I have decided to post My October Reading List to my blog and will commit to posting a list monthly. My intention  is to read two physical and two digital books every month. By doing so I will: Reduce my physical clutter Reduce my digital clutter Reach my goodreads goals…

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All my penpals receive an introductory letter from me. I write all these letters by hand and while they are all different, the letters contain the same information. Here I provide Easy Instructions – Writing Introductory Penpal Letters. Easy Instructions – Writing Introductory Penpal Letters   Address and Date My…

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I recently started searching out Penpals online and writing to people, soon to be pen friends, in faraway places. It’s always exciting getting a letter in the mailbox. A real letter written with love and thought. Along the journey I have come across postcrossing and decided to exchange postcards too.…

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We finally went on The Red Bus Tour, operated by CitySiteSeeing Cape Town. My son had been nagging since Summer to go on the bus and because it is quite pricey, I decided to treat him for his birthday. Since making the promise, I learnt that The Red Bus Tour – CitySiteSeeing…

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