Hug in a Mug

The day before Valentine’s day I saw Spar selling Hug in a Mug sachets. Now, I have seen Hug in a Mug advertised IMG_20160214_100745IMG_20160219_204749recently on Facebook and I had been interested then. I purchased 2 sachets to try. The Hazelnut Cappuccino and Vanilla Cappuccino.

For Valentine’s day I spoiled myself, I poured 175ml boiling water over the contents of the sachet in my mug and added a half teaspoon of sugar. I gave a quick whisk with my spoon and the creamy stuff rose to the top. I let it sit for a few minutes because I never consume boiling hot drinks.

It was quite the indulgence. Creamy and sweet. I enjoyed the hazelnut flavour more than the vanilla and have since purchased a box.

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