“But it doesn’t belong to anyone…”

“But it doesn’t belong to anyone…”

I’m so proud of my little boy and this is why.

Yesterday we went to a local Pick n Pay to get a few groceries and while waiting at the check-out in a long line, my son found a marble under those chocolate stands which are at every till. He admired and showed me the marble which I patiently said was pretty. I then instructed him to put it back because it didn’t belong to us, to which he replied, “But it doesn’t belong to anyone.” Well, now I’m sure the rightful owner is long gone and it no longer belongs to anyone and “Finders Keepers…” and all that, but under no circumstances can we take a chance removing something from a Pick n Pay of all places and I’m not sure how to explain to my son what is ok to take and what not.  I watched as my child mentally made the hard decision and flung the marble down onto the magazine stand. I bent down to his ear and thanked him for listening to me and I appreciate how hard that decision was for him. I also said I would reward him with a scarce dot on his rewards chart. One proud Mommy!

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  1. Brigette said:

    Oh my this is wonderful, what a big little guy he is. 🙂


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