2017 New Year Goals with Free Template

Happy New Year!

May the new year bring you love, joy, peace, health, wealth and happiness. The first day of a new year marks a new beginning to which you can add change. Many people make a large resolution which will change one part of their life and many people fail within the first 30 days. To achieve YOUR 2017 New Year Goals with Free Template – Listicle find my tips below and free template for you to complete. During the course of the year, we will come back and see how we are doing.

Here are some tips to stick to your New Year Goals:
  1. Clearly define your goals.
    • Want to lose weight? State how many kilos, Want to save money, how many rands and dollars do you want to save? Want to get fit, how far do you want to run, cycle?
  2. Set realistic goals.
    • Losing 50kg, saving R1million or running a 100km race might not be realistic to your lifestyle.
  3. Small steps are better than none.
    • Break your goals into little chunks and work towards achieving these consistently.
  4. Put it into your schedule.
    • Make time to achieve your goals.
  5. Tell your friends and family.
    • You have a better chance of achieving your goals when you announce them to your loved ones as you feel accountable to these people and they will hopefully encourage and support you.
  6. Track your progress.
    • During the year, we will come back to these goals to check in how we are doing and if necessary, make changes.
  7. Don’t quit.
    • A small achievement is better than no achievement.

Find your free template here to make a note of your 2017 New Year goals and everyday steps to achieving these.

2017 New Year Goals

“Make this year less about chasing results and more about consistent action.” Brandon Hakim

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