Commemorating Africa Day

“Africa Day is the annual commemoration on May 25, 1963 founding of the organisation of African Unity. On this day, leaders of 30 of the 32 independent African States signed a founding charter.”

I am fortunate to live and work in Cape Town and my office view is stunning on this sunny day. Yesterday in our writing group we were asked about some interesting facts about Africa, thanks to Google, these were the ones I enjoyed most:

  • We have the longest river, largest dessert, the biggest and tallest mammals and the highest commercial bungee jumping bridge in the world.
  • The remains of the oldest human descendants have been found in Africa
  • There are more pyramids in Sudan than in Egypt..
  • There are fewer people connected to the Internet in the whole of Africa than in New York City.
  • Africa and Europe are 9 miles (14km) apart.
  • Timbuktu is a real town in Africa.
  • Half of all Africans are under 25 years.

Sadly, Africa has little to celebrate. It is estimated 38 % of adults are illiterate and 40% of children 5-14 years. It’s a continent filled with starvation and corruption, with natural resources squandered to the western world.

But there is hope, there has to be hope. With the world becoming better connected, Africa enjoys economic growth, which enables job creation and education. There is a natural beauty, which remains to be explored.


The hymn, Nkosi sikelel iAfrika by Enoch Sontonga, has been adopted as the national anthem of Tanzania and South Africa and previously, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Namibia.

Nkosi sikelel’ iAfrika (Lord, bless Africa)
Maluphakanyis’ uphondo lwayo (May her horn rise high up)
Yiva imithandazo yethu Hear (Thou our prayers)
Nkosi sikelela, Thina lusapho lwayo (And bless us.)

Yehla Moya, Yehla Moya, (Descend, O Spirit)
Yehla Moya Oyingcwele (Descend, O Holy Spirit)

Xhosa (Translated)


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  1. Ika said:

    Interesting! I had no idea there’s only 9 miles between Africa and Europe. There’s a lot work to be done. If only we could get rid of all the corruption and greedy leaders who are constantly selling Africa to the west for nothing.


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