Easy Instructions – Writing Introductory Penpal Letters

All my penpals receive an introductory letter from me. I write all these letters by hand and while they are all different, the letters contain the same information. Here I provide Easy Instructions – Writing Introductory Penpal Letters.

Easy Instructions – Writing Introductory Penpal Letters


Address and Date

My letters start pretty standard with my postal address and the date of the letter. This ensures my penpal has my address to hand when replying and gives an idea of the time I wrote the letter.

SalutationEasy Instructions - Writing Introductory Penpal Letters by listicle

My next Line is “Dear Name”

Name, Birthday and Place

Starting my letter, I begin by writing my name, age, birthday, star sign, city and country.

Family and Relationships

The important people in my life then get a mention. I let my penpal know I am a mom and explain my relationship status. It’s complicated. It’s always complicated. You could also include your pets here.


Then I go on to write about where I grew up and went to school. I mention some of the countries I have traveled to and where I married.

PenpallingEasy Instructions - Writing Introductory Penpal Letters a

In this paragraph I mention my career, provide a link to my blog and how I came into writing and eventually looking for penpals.


It’s important to write about what I enjoy doing, my commitments and what my weeks are usually filled with.


Here I list my various hobbies. If I’m currently reading a book or in the middle of a project, I’ll share the book’s title or mention my project.

Signing off

I then start to wind down my letter by starting off with a question, with the hope that they will feel encouraged to reply with an answer. Then I apologise for my handwriting, because, honestly, it’s terrible. Followed by writing that I am looking forward to getting their letter, once again hoping they feel encouraged to answer. I wish them depending on the occasion and I sign off with my name.


My introductory letter fills about one and a half A4 pages, but is actually only a ¾ typed page. It takes me about 20-30 minutes to write. It has a lot of information about myself packed in and provides an interesting read to my new pen friends.

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