My January Trolley Grocery Prices

I put together a list of basic groceries in my January trolley Grocery Prices which I buy often. Every month I will track the prices and post an update.

My January Trolley Grocery Prices

My January Trolley Grocery Prices

Blue Ribbon Bread                                           R 13.49

Twinsaver Toilet Paper 10s 1 Ply                   R 43.99

Lux Soap                                                             R 13.99

Clover 2l Milk                                                    R 29.99

Black Cat Smooth Peanut Butter                   R 44.99

Colgate Toothpaste                                           R 13.99

Nescafe Classic Coffee                                      R 78.99

Hulettes sugar                                                    R 37.99

Coke 2l                                                                 R 11.99

Cadbury Slab                                                      R 14.99

Tastic Rice                                                           R 15.79

Weetbix                                                                R 26.99

Fattis and Monis Macaroni                              R 14.29

Sunflower Oil                                                       R 17.99

Eggs 6                                                                    R 12.79

Sunlight Liquid                                                   R 17.99

Vienna’s                                                                R 34.99

Onions                                                                  R 9.99

Potatoes                                                                R 13.99

Vinegar                                                                  R 7.99

My January Trolley Grocery Prices Total:

R 477.20


Source: Pick 'n Pay on 1 January 2017

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