Book Review: The Red Fish Project

I often think about my time living in London and wonder if I wasn’t swept off my feet by Prince Charming, would I have gone with my housemates to Taiwan to teach English. My life really would have been very different today.  While I didn’t go to the east to teach English, I did get my living abroad opportunity, living in the UK for three years and it indeed was an adventure, because I’ll always wonder about what life would have been like in Taiwan teaching English, I was intrigued to read The Red Fish Project.  

Andrew Gillmore, a Canadian and the The-Red-Fish-Project-book-cover-300x500author of The Red Fish Project, went to South Korea to teach English and in The Red Fish Project writes about his experience. Andrew Gillmore gives a humorous account about his travels to Korea and about life living abroad. Andrew includes the stories’s of other people he has come across during his adventures, people from many walks of life, with different histories and dreams for their futures, whom he never would have met if he had remained in Canada and shares their stories and the impact they have had on his story. I really enjoyed that he added these stories into The Red Fish Project, which makes it unique and special.

The Red Fish Project is well written and easy to read with short chapters which include the stories of the other persons in every other chapter. His story encourages the reader to get up and out of the comfort zone and explore more of this world.

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