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Sunshine at the Comfort Food Café by Debbie Johnson Sunshine at the Comfort Food Cafe

This is a lovely story about Willow living in Dorset, a small town with a close community. Willow’s mother suffers with Alzheimer while Willow takes care of her. The lovely people in their community also help every day to make Willow and her mom’s lives a little bit brighter. Tom arrives one day and Willow recalls their brief encounter while they were growing up.

This book is second in a series, but the characters are well introduced to be able to read it on its own.

This story shows us the daily struggles of looking after a parent, but at the same time the love and care of a close community and friends. This book will work its way through your emotions, it will make you sad and make you smile, sometimes even laugh out.

This is an ideal book to read with your book club friends.

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