The Circus is in Cape Town

The Circus is in Cape TownIMG_20160412_190918

When I heard the circus was in town a few weeks ago for their annual visit, I realised that my son is finally old enough to remember and young enough to enjoy, so it was definitely time to take him. Now this has indeed been a rare event because let me tell you that I think circus tickets are ridiculously expensive, so when my son received a “buy one, get one free” voucher from his school, I knew we had to take up the offer.

The circus is no longer as big as it was years gone by, the tent and ring was small and the benches were empty, perhaps because it is a yearly event, perhaps because there are animals performing.

Now those that are against animals performing have made their voices heard loud and clear iIMG_20160412_190514n the media and have protested many times outside the circus, I have, however, believed that the animals are doing just fine and the circus people treat them well.

Sadly, I have been mistaken. I found the animal performances heart breaking. I sat watching on the verge of tears. The lions and tigers seemed uninterested in doing their tricks, the horses and ponies looked confused, the camels had to stand on their knees and a tiger had to hop around on their hind legs and the dogs looked untrained. The lions, tigers and horses were teased with sticks and threatened with a whip. If these animals were keen to do these tricks, why were the treats supplied not incentive enough, why the need for aIMG_20160412_213217 stick and whip?

The tricks by the acrobats, clown and magician were wonderful; my son exclaimed that the lady performing on the hula-hoop suspended from the air “was AMAZING”.  It really was entertaining and fun. I do believe that the circus will continue to go on without the animals. The last performance was truly astounding, whereby three motorcyclists were riding in an orbit, called a globe. We were allowed to film this. So you are free to look.

I beg the owners of this circus to let the animals stop performing; your human performers are truly outstanding.


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