2016 First Easter egg Hunt


Yesterday we went to an Easter egg hunt at De Waal Park hosted by the local Neighbourhood watch. De Waal Park is indeed a very beautiful park and I’ll definitely visit again with a picnic basket and blanket.  My only concern was the many unleashed dogs, however, they did not bother us.

Upon registration my son was given a brown box with his name and a red sticker, his group colour. The children could then join the others on quilts and decorate their boxes with drawings, glitter and tinsel. The children were split into groups of about twenty and given clues to which they could run to and find baskets with sweet treats. My son’s box was filled with a box of smarties, fizzer, rabbit cookie, chocolate egg and a few marshmallow eggs.

We were also fortunate to have a visit from the Easter bunny, fire brigade, ambulance and police.

Many thanks to the organisers, sponsors and volunteers for a wonderful morning.

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