20 Questions and Answers about ME

20 Questions and Answers about ME

1 Star sign?
Sagittarius, I believe it all said about this sign to be true, I love traveling, enjoy attention and spending money.

2 Favourite colour?

3 Car colour?

IMG_20160227_1429054 Favourite drink?
Coffee – at about 5 cups a day

5 Biggest fear?
Burglars entering my house while I’m at home.

6 Favourite celebrity?
Johnny Depp – Purely for his good looks as I’m not a fan of his movies.

7 Am I currently happy?
Yes, even on a rainy day. I’m a believer that happiness lives deep within and have discovered this treasure.

8 Am I superstitious?
I always avoid that number before 14.

9 Twitter or Facebook?
Facebook, find our page at:

10 Relationship status?
Single and divorced

11 Middle name?
I have none

12 Something I would change about myself?
Physically I would change my eyes because they no longer operate like they should and mentally I would like to be more outspoken.

14 A holiday in the mountains or at sea?
The mountains

15 What am I wearing now?
Jeans and t-shirt, I do need a stylist….

16 Paperback or electronic?

17 Which 3 books would I want with me on a stranded island?
A multi-lingual dictionary, an empty book for me to write in and a book on how to survive on an island.

18 Favourite author?
Jodi Picoult

19 Where would I love to travel to?
Any Disneyland resort with my son

20 Cake or tart?

21 What does the world need?

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